Tony Pitkin

Producer // Engineer // Mastering

Get serious about your music.
Show everyone your songs the way they're meant to be heard.

Mastering  doesn't have to break the bank.

No artist would think twice about investing money in recording and mixing the music they've so meticulously tweaked for weeks. However, when it comes to Mastering, many artists choose to let the same set of ears or an online service take care of it because it's cheaper.

Regardless of if you've spent months self-producing your new record or a few days in a big budget studio, after just several days of listening to the same recordings with minor tweaks, you can lose sight of your end goal. By time you finish mixing your record you've spent hours, days, weeks, maybe even months listening to the same songs over and over again. Your ears are tired and can no longer accurately judge the overall sonic qualities of your music.

Let another set of ears take care of the final step.

Mastering is commonly thought of as simply making something louder or adjusting EQ but in reality it is so much more than that. It's evaluating your track against others in and out of your genre. It's making sure that your track not only sounds loud enough but sounds as sonically correct as possible on every imaginable listening device.

You know the song sounds right. Now you want it to JUMP out of the speakers. With my mastering services I can bring your tracks to radio-ready levels so that you and your music are prepared for anything and everything that happens next.

Hear the difference for yourself.



Still a skeptic?

Listen to the same two examples, this time, level-matched to prevent you from wondering if louder was simply better. The clips both begin with the unmastered versions and will then cycle back and forth between the unmastered and mastered versions. Listen to the increased depth, punch, and clarity each track gains from my mastering processes.

What are you waiting for?